“Oh Where, Oh Where Did My Money Go?”

I have been searching high and low but to know avail – my money has just got up and left me! Of course this is not true – I have carelessly mismanaged it.I take full responsibility for the spot I am in and don’t expect a Government bailout or a bonus for failure like the AIG Executives.

I have never been a politically motivated woman or to be honest, that interested in politics (shame on me) but this whole AIG thing has got my back up, if you know what I mean.

Thieves and murders go to jail, sales professionals lose their positions if they do not meet their quotas, so why is it AIG Executives are getting bonus, astronomical bonuses to boot. I want to know!

Why do Wall street types and so called Investment Bankers get bonuses and stock options for creating world financial havoc? I say it’s time for Americans to stand up and say “NO MORE!” Let’s take back our financial security and rid the finance world of the these financial parasites like the Executives of AIG – are you with me?

It’s time for them to know what it feels like to not to have money to send your kids to school or to retire on. Let them stand inline at a soup kitchen or live out of their car.

Obama, ban them from ever working in the financial world again, so they can never repeat their greedy ways.

America, have your voice heard, do not be silent anymore and say enough is enough!!!

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