Do it yourself, make it yourself—save it yourself!

I heard a great little piece of advice while listening to talk radio in the car on Sunday. 

Susan Kaplan, a financial planner and one of the hosts of The Money Show on 96.9, recommends that, whenever possible, you “do it yourself, make it yourself,” whether it’s your own coffee instead of the drive-thru, your own lunch instead of getting it to go, washing your own car or whatever else you can think of.

She says, and I’m sure it’s true, that it’s all the little things we spend our money on, versus the big things, that keep us from having what we want or getting what we need.

The problem with spending money on little things is that we never get to the big things that make life sometimes feel special, such as vacations or a nice outfit, because we’ve frittered it away.

So my new motto is make it yourself . . . and let’s see how much we can save rather than waste. All those cups of coffee and drive-thru car washes might be keeping us from that dream cabin on the lake.


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