How to save $$$ on your wedding!


The #1 rule is to shop around, just because you find a dress you love in the first store you see doesn’t mean you can’t find a dress you love just as much (possibly more!) at another store for an even better price. You won’t know unless you look!

Some other ideas:

  • Book in the off season (the hall will be cheaper, food possibly too)
  • Book during the week instead of a weekend
  • Make your own (or have a crafty friend make) bouquets, table settings, and gifts
  • Make your own or use pre-made wedding invitations (there are matching sets all ready to go, just use your home printer or take it to your local Kinkos)
  • Keep the wedding and/or wedding party small. The fewer the people, the less the cost. In fact, if the wedding is small enough, think about renting a back room at your favourite restaurant!
  • Don’t be afraid to buy a dress from the rack, last season’s dresses are just as beautiful as this years and the savings can be amazing!
  • Have a cash bar
  • Use an mp3 player or iPod as your DJ
  • Have a family member step in as the MC
  • See if the hall will allow you to bring in some of your own food, like desserts
  • Have a buffet style dinner instead of having servers
  • Barter/Trade – I had a friend who’s a lawyer tell me she bartered wills for wine for her sister’s wedding!

If you have any more tips, please comment, I’d love to hear them! 😀


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