Learn to Influence Others w/o Authority

Of course, if your boss asks or even demands (excluding harassment) you to complete a task, you’re going to do it. Without a doubt, everyone who’s had to work under someone else registers that it’s imperative to longevity of your job. If your superiors at work insist on using their position to make you listen, then is this really in the best interest for your boss’s job? The article, ‘How to Influence without Positional Authority and Improve Employee Morale Using 3 Simple Strategies’ , teaches you …
..How to:
– Build a relationship
– Honor the Law of Reciprocation
..When it is ok to:
– Participate in healthy conflict
..all without using positional authority to influence a situation. You can apply this to your business contacts, employees and even peers! After applying what I read, I learnt most that your costumer relations greatly improve ^_^

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