Aynax – A Simple Invoicing Solution for Small Businesses

At last, a simple and inexpensive way to create, track and send invoices to your customers!   I recently found AYNAX and like what they are offering to the small business and professional communities.  Time is hard to find if you are a small business and Aynax make it simple to stay on top of your invoicing with a really easy solution, that can be customized to your business.    It’s not overly complex, but had the main basics that any small business needs, including the ability to add taxes, give discounts, change currency and even the language.   I like it because it has been very intuitive and on the odd occasion that I actually contacted customer support, they were outstanding in their response (which makes them score an A+ rating in my opinion).

I know that so many small businesses continue to create invoices manually which is so time consuming, but when you use this service you will understand that for a very affordable price (around $10 a month), you can get a really professional looking invoice (that can include your company logo), in addition to a multitude of back end benefits …. tax time to name one of them!  Each invoice you create is automatically sent to your customer (from your list of contacts) and the system will report back to you when the invoice has been viewed.  When your invoice is paid, you can manually change the status of the invoice to paid.

The reporting system works seamlessly.  You can pull reports based on your customers,  date range,  type of expense (e.g. days, hours, expenses, products or services), or by invoices that have been paid or not paid, which really helps you get your finances in order.   It’s a good feeling to be organized for tax time, which many small businesses file quarterly.

I won’t go as far as saying that it makes accounting and invoicing fun — but it certainly makes life significantly easier and less stressful.

You can find more information about Aynax at www.aynax.com


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