How much do I love Bank of America CoinSafe? A whole lot!

How much time do you waste counting all of your coins into piles of dollars and so forth to take your bank?  Or are you even shorter on time, that you part with your hard earned cash by depositing your coins into a slot machine in a grocery store in return for a gift card (and a 10% fee that you don’t get back)?  Did know you that Bank of America have an amazing simple convenient way to deposit all your jars of coins into your personal bank account at no extra fee? And what’s more, this really could not be made any easier.  I only wish Bank of America would advertize their service more!   It’s called “Bank of America CoinSafe” — and all you do is ask your branch teller to give you a special CoinSafe bag.  It’s that simple!  You then take the bag home, drop all of your coins in it, write on your name and account number and take it back to a Bank of America retail branch location.   They will then send the bag to their coin collection office for counting and a straight deposit (with no charges) directly into your account within a few days.

How my life has suddenly become much easier!!  No more counting coins.


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