KTX Insurance Brokers’ Clients the First to Manage Auto and Property Insurance Policies on the Go

KTX Insurance Brokers offers policyholders the ability to easily chat with licensed brokers online and even self-serve their insurance policies with the launch of its new mobile app.

Consumers expect to be able to interact online in virtually all aspects of their life, and now with the launch of the new KTX Insurance Brokers’ app for both iOS and Android, clients of the brokerage will be able to manage their insurance policies online through their mobile device.

Through the app, clients of KTX Insurance Brokers will be able to:

  • Chat with licensed brokers
  • View policy details and documents
  • Request policy changes
  • Initiate insurance claims
  • Access pink slips (i.e. proof of auto insurance)

“Our clients want digital servicing options,” said Darryl May, Principal of KTX Insurance Brokers. “With the launch of this app, our customers will have easy access to the information that’s important to them, the means to request policy changes, and perhaps most importantly, to the advice that many are seeking. We look forward to further growing our capabilities to offer even more value to our clients ”

The app, powered by ClientDesk, securely synchronizes with the broker management system to provide up-to-date policy information. KTX Insurance Brokers is the first brokerage in Canada to offer its clients all of the features and benefits of the ClientDesk platform that is integrated with the Keal broker management system (BMS), SIG.

“I am ecstatic about the launch of the KTX digital insurance platform powered by ClientDesk,” said Newton Asare, CEO of ClientDesk. “KTX Insurance is a tech savvy brokerage; and now with ClientDesk, the KTX front-line brokers will be able to fulfill the digital needs and expectations of the policyholders they serve. Also with our BMS integration, in this case SIG offered by Keal Technology, the ClientDesk platform is more powerful and data rich than ever before, further solidifying the customer-centric digital insurance experience.”


SOURCE KTX Insurance Brokers Ltd.


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