Cyber Security Awareness Month | Week 4 focus

Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) is built upon the fact that the internet is a shared resource and securing it is our shared responsibility. Cyber Security Awareness Month is an internationally recognized campaign held each October to inform the public of the importance of cyber security. This campaign is focused on helping all Canadians be more secure online, by being informed and knowing the simple steps to take to protect themselves, their families, their workplace and their devices. The month is divided by themes which highlight different aspects of cyber security.


Week 4: Oct. 23-27, 2017 |  Digital Citizenship in an Increasingly Digital World

The growing proliferation of content, images, and social spaces online means that it’s easy to, knowingly or unknowingly, misuse or abuse the digital space and those in it. Instilling the three pillars of respect – respect property, privacy and people’s feelings – is the focus of this final week. Being a good digital citizen is more than just knowing your way around the web. It’s about connecting and collaborating in ways you didn’t even know were possible. When kids, and adults, understand how to create an online culture that is positive, safe, and advocates for responsible technology use, we reduce incidences of cyberbullyingprivacy breachesillegal downloading, and other digital dilemmas.


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