Shoppers Drug Mart launches ecommerce platform for medical cannabis in Alberta

Shoppers Drug Mart expanded its online platform for the sale of medical cannabis to patients in Alberta, providing a single, trusted source for all their cannabis therapy needs. The site brings together Canada’s current ecommerce model for medical cannabis, with the expert advice and counsel from trusted healthcare professionals.

“As trusted medication experts, pharmacists have an important role to play in the safe and informed use of medical cannabis. This launch in Alberta is a leap forward for those looking for professional oversight and trusted support in this area,” said Jeff Leger, President, Shoppers Drug Mart. “Medical cannabis, like any prescribed medication, requires the same level of counsel from a healthcare professional.  As medical cannabis is increasingly prescribed to Canadians for its therapeutic benefits, our goal is to enhance the service and support that patients receive through this process.”

First launched in Ontario in January 2019, www.shoppersdrugmart.ca/cannabis provides patients access to a number of products from Canadian licensed producers, shipped directly and discreetly to their doorstep.  Additionally, Shoppers Drug Mart provides support for patients through the Shoppers Cannabis Care Centre – a call center staffed by professionals who can provide counselling and support for patients. Under current regulations, pharmacists cannot dispense medical cannabis from a pharmacy.

Patients in Alberta can now bring their medical document (which is similar to a prescription) to a local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy where the pharmacist will review their medical history and any contraindications based on current medications. Then, specialized advisors from the Shoppers Cannabis Care Centre will contact patients and provide support with online registration and strain selection.

Education for pharmacists is supported by Shoppers Drug Mart Medical Advisory Board, a panel of independent medical experts from across the country who provide guidance and advice on new clinical evidence, and have developed clinical algorithms to help our Cannabis Care advisors select the correct strain based on the prescriber’s recommendation.

Shoppers Drug Mart has signed supply and quality agreements with twelve licensed producers and will provide products and medical accessories.