Questions & Timing


8:07pm | Q1. Do you feel confident and well-prepared when shopping for a mortgage?

8:11pm | Q2. Do you know what mortgage default insurance is, and how much it costs?

8:16pm | Q3. What’s most important to you when shopping for a mortgage?

8:21pm | Q4. Do you know the difference between a fixed rate and a variable rate? Blended rate?

8:26pm | Q5. Do you know about the new stress test rules? How do you think they’ll impact you?

8:33pm | Q6. What questions, if any, did you ask upfront when you signed up for your mortgage?

8:38pm | Q7. Did you read the fine print on your mortgage agreement?

8:43pm | Q8. Do you think your mortgage lender would be willing to renegotiate with you if your situation changes?

8:49pm | Q9. Does your mortgage have flexible prepayment terms? Have you ever paid off a lump sum?

8:55pm | Q10. Do you know all the closing costs you’re responsible for, and how much they might be?