8:05pm Q1. Did you have a budget for back-to-school expenses? Did you stick to it?  #BackToBudget
8:09pm Q2. Did you end up spending more money this year than last year? #BackToBudget
8:13pm Q3. Do you teach your kids about budgeting? Are your kids old enough to have a say? #BackToBudget
8:19pm Q4. Are you stressed out about money? #BackToBudget
8:28pm Q5. What was the most expensive thing you purchased for back-to-school? Was this a planned purchase? #BackToBudget
8:32pm Q6. You can save money by packing lunches but do you budget for “pizza days”? For those with older kids do you give them a lunch allowance? #BackToBudget
8:35pm Q7. Do you have any back-to-school saving tips you can share? #BackToBudget
8:43pm Q8. What percentage of your back-to-school budget is allocated to clothing/shoes? #BackToBudget
8:47pm Q9. Did you purchase any big-ticket items like a cell-phone, tablet or laptop? Did you experience sticker shock? #BackToBudget
8:52pm Q10. What kind of back-to-school shopper are you? #BackToBudget
8:55pm Q11. Do your kids play sports? Have you factored that into your budget? #BackToBudget