7:06pm | Q1. Do you worry about money? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:10pm | Q2. Do you, or does someone you know, worry about keeping up with the Joneses? Tell us about it. #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:15pm | Q3. Do you, or does someone you know, suffer from #FOMO (fear of missing out)? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:20pm | Q4. Do you know how rising interest rates could affect your monthly bills? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:25pm | Q5. Do you use your credit or debit card to track spending? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:30pm | Q6. How do you decide whether to use cash, debit or credit? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:36pm | Q7. Do your credit card’s rewards entice you and are you using them wisely? Do you know what you are getting? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:42pm | Q8. Are you confident about your financial future? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:48pm  | 9. Have you ever received or provided financial assistance from/to family or friends? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017

7:54pm  | Q10. Do you think you will be able to retire debt-free? #TangerineFLM #FLM2017



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