RBC’s MyAdvisor delivers digital experience with a human touch

Canadians seeking more control of their financial future are making it clear they want the best of both worlds – digital with a human touch.  As of this week, 1 million Canadians are now connected in real time to personalized, interactive financial plans and live advisor expertise – all through the digital innovation of MyAdvisor at RBC.

MyAdvisor has created an entirely new category of investment intelligence to help Canadians ease anxiety around their savings and investments. The new digital+human solution not only gives them an interactive picture of their finances, it also provides real time access to the advice of financial advisors, through video, by phone or in person.

“We knew our clients were stressed about their finances and planning for their future. We wanted to solve this challenge for them in an easy, convenient way that leveraged the strength of our advisors. MyAdvisor was our response and seeing our one millionth client sign up to take advantage of this solution makes us very proud,” said Neil McLaughlin, Group Head, Personal & Commercial Banking, RBC.

Launched in July 2017, MyAdvisor is a one-of-a-kind digital service that connects a client to a financial advisor, where both can view and adjust a dynamic dashboard showing the client’s savings and investment goals and establish actions to achieve these goals – all in real time. Clients also have the choice to connect with advisors by phone, face to face or video.

“MyAdvisor combines the strength of our advisors with the power of our leading global digital and technology capabilities – exactly what being a digitally-enabled relationship bank is all about,” added McLaughlin. “There’s nothing else in Canada that comes close to providing this same connected relationship between clients and financial advice. The positive response among our clients and our advisors has been overwhelming and tells us we’ve got a winner.”

Another digital innovation unique to RBC’s commitment to bring ease and convenience to Canadians is NOMI. Available through the RBC Mobile app, NOMI uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide clients with deeper insights to increase their financial confidence and manage their day-to-day finances, identifying trends, unusual activity and potential savings opportunities.

The NOMI family at RBC includes:

  • NOMI Budgets. Introduced in April 2019 as the latest of RBC’s personalized digital capabilities, NOMI Budgets provides a personalized, AI-powered budget solution, the first of its kind in Canada. NOMI Budgets automatically analyzes a client’s spending history, recommends an appropriate budget and sends timely updates to help keep a client on track in a seamless and convenient way. In the first month since its launch, clients have set over 200,000 budgets

  • NOMI Insights. Provides personalized financial insights, timely tips and advice to help clients manage and be more mindful of their day-to-day finances. RBC’s active mobile clients have already viewed over 500 million insights.

  • NOMI Find & Save. Proactively analyzes spending behaviours to find extra money that won’t be missed, and automatically sets it aside as savings. Clients continue to enjoy strong savings each month. 

For more information about the RBC Mobile app – available for free download from the App store on iPhone and iPad – please visit www.rbcroyalbank.com/mobile.