Canadians reportedly spend most on wedding gifts

With wedding season in full swing, Canadians are reportedly spending more on luxury wedding gifts than any other gift-giving occasions. According to a recent poll by Ebates.ca, which looked at Canadians’ gift-giving habits for various occasions, Canadians spend an average of $145 for wedding gifts, compared to other holidays such as birthdays, where the average spend was only $95.

Given that weddings top the list of most expensive gift purchases, it’s no wonder that shopping for a wedding present is stressful. In fact, weddings are considered the second most stressful event for gift shopping among respondents, behind anniversaries.

“We’ve also observed that married couples are likely to spend more than others on wedding gifts,” said Graziella Mitri, PR and brand specialist at Ebates.ca, noting that the poll revealed married couples spend $161 versus their counterparts at $121. “Being newly married myself, we see how much time and planning goes into the celebration and we’re more appreciative than ever.”

The results of the poll also stated that Canadians between the ages of 35-44 spend the most ($171) when compared to other age groups ($123 for Canadians under 35 and $148 for Canadians over 45). Additionally, men spend more on average than women ($168 compared to $123).

While weddings take the cake for most expensive gifts, the poll also reported that consumers are more likely to purchase a luxury gift for weddings (27 per cent) than for other occasions such as anniversaries (22 per cent) or birthdays (19 per cent).

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Source: Ebates Canada