March 28 is SCRUB Day!

How many social media accounts do you own? I used to belong to over 50 various social networks, many of which are now defunct! Some of thoses were actually hacked as well. I have not thought much about those until I heard about SCRUB day.

When did you last review your social media photos and friend lists?

Follow @GetCyberSafe and share these images with #SCRUBday to join the movement that is sweeping the Internet!

To “SCRUB” your social media profiles, you should:

Set privacy options

  • Limit who can see your posts and photos, and who can tag you.

Change passwords

  • Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Remove inappropriate posts

  • Delete posts which reveal too much personal info or could be used to hurt you.

Untag photos

  • Untag yourself from photos you don’t want on your profile and ask whoever posted the photos to delete them.

Block strangers

  • Block follower requests and messages from strangers! They may be criminals trying to scam you, steal your personal information, or harm you.