DIY Wedding Favors

One of the things that could cost you a lot of money for your wedding is the wedding favors. Unless, you Do It Yourself!


Some ideas:

  • Find a box “template” online and fill it with a homemade treat like a cookie or cupcake. Make sure to tie a pretty ribbon and attach a tag.
  • Print tags on your home printer to go on the favors, just hole punch and insert a ribbon.
  • Get little jars or buckets (or box) and fill with jelly beans or chocolates.
  • A seed packet or flower bulb kit.
  • Fill a jar with the ingredients for a treat, like your favourite cookies. Don’t forget to add the recipe on the back of the tag!
  • Fill a jar with homemade jam and print out labels (find a template online and look for sticker paper in a craft store).
  • Create your own “Satchel”. Put some potpourri in an organza bag (find them at your local dollar store) and tie the ribbon. They’re great to stick in a drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh.
  • Take the wrapper off a chocolate bar and print your own.
  • Create your own bath salts. Use Epsom or sea salt and fragrance it with your favourite scent of essential oil. Put in a jar.
  • Make your own soap or candles. Check the internet for a craft store near you for ingredients and classes.

Any more ideas? Please feel free to comment!


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