Canadian Small Business Owners Enter the New Year with Optimism

A significant majority of Canadian small business owners (81%) are optimistic about growth opportunities heading into the new year, citing key resolutions for 2017 as increasing profitability (29%), acquiring more customers (26%), and increasing cash flow (24%), according to a survey* conducted by Leger, The Research Intelligence Group on behalf of OnDeck Canada, a leading online lender to small businesses in Canada.

The new survey results reveal that small business owners are savvy and specific about evaluating and obtaining capital in 2017. 49% of small business owners consider the total cost of the loan over time, 48% consider the annual interest rates, and 46% consider flexible repayment options as the main determining factors when selecting a lending option for their business. The majority expect a 2:1 return on investment.

It’s also evident that when a loan is taken out, small business owners know exactly where the money will go, citing buying equipment and technology (36%), diversifying their business (30%), and purchasing inventory (28%) as key uses of borrowed capital.

“Small business owners will be best equipped for a successful year if they take the time to learn about the various lending options available to them, and understand the overall cost of a loan versus the opportunities it will afford,” said Gary Fearnall, OnDeck Country Manager, Canada. “Hiring, inventory, marketing, and equipment are inputs that can come up quickly, and it’s important to be ready to respond to new opportunities when they arise.”

For Amir Rahim, owner of Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse in Ottawa, a loan from OnDeck provided the growth opportunity he needed to evolve from a small local outfit operating on a shoestring budget, to a full-service restaurant going strong after six years in business. “Cash flow is always a big challenge, especially in the restaurant industry, and having access to that extra capital bought me the peace of mind I needed to be able to operate my business out on the floor—where I do my best work—and not behind closed doors in my office,” he said. “Having an extra $20,000 to $30,000 in the bank to cover day-to-day expenses like payroll, taxes, cash flow, and supplier costs, means I can focus on what I do best—serving my customers.”

To learn more about OnDeck and its lending options for Canadian small businesses, visit www.ondeck.com/canada.


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