Over 90 Percent of Drivers Want Fast and Free Access to Their Driver’s Record and Insurance History

InsuranceHotline.com believes Ontario drivers should have barrier-free access to their driver’s record and insurance history, especially in today’s digital world.

Drivers in Ontario currently do not have free online access to either document, yet the information contained in these two reports has a direct impact on their insurance premiums. Insurance companies and brokers rely on these records to ensure a policyholder’s coverage is accurately priced.

At a time when Ontario auto insurance rates continue to climb, easy access to both of these reports would give drivers some insight into their insurance pricing.

“Comparable to knowing your credit score, the details included on a driver’s record and insurance history affects a person’s auto insurance premiums,” says Anne Marie Thomas of InsuranceHotline.com. “Yet, it’s either costly or cumbersome to get access to these reports. By removing these barriers, drivers will be able to see, in part, why their premiums are what they are and can take proactive measures when behind the wheel.”

A recent InsuranceHotline.com survey reveals there is considerable support for the idea:

  • 94 percent of drivers and 95 percent of current auto insurance policyholders believe access to their driver’s record and insurance history should be free.
  • 92 percent of drivers and 93 percent of current policyholders believe they should have immediate access (i.e. online) to their reports.
  • 87 percent of drivers and policyholders agree that with this information, they would have a better understanding of how their insurance rates are priced.

“Our data shows that drivers save on average $427 after using InsuranceHotline.com to shop around but there’s so much more that can be saved,” continues Ms. Thomas. “Knowing your driving record and insurance history is akin to knowing your credit score and it can encourage better decisions when driving that will translate into lower premiums in the long run.”

Backgrounder: About Obtaining a Driver’s Record and Insurance History in Ontario
Currently in Ontario, it costs $12 to order an online copy of an uncertified 3-year driver’s record. This report shows the number of demerit points a driver has, as well as any licence suspensions and Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code of Canada convictions.

An insurance history report, on the other hand, is free to obtain but is mailed within 10 business days of receiving the request. This report includes information about a driver’s most current insurance policy, as well as insurance claims, if any, for the past 20 plus years. It details the type of claim (e.g. collision, theft, bodily injury), how much was paid out and, in the event of a collision, the percentage of fault assigned. It also includes third party claims and, if there’s been a policy cancellation, the reason for it. If it’s for non-disclosure or non-payment, for example, this could affect what you pay for coverage.